Souvenir Escal Shop

One of the Biggest Souvenir Shop Within Hakuba Area

Souvenir Escal Shop

One of the biggest souvenir shop within Hakuba area. From common souvenir item, Shinshu area specialty item, Hakuba Goryu's original snacks and apparel goods. We have convenience store section for day to day needs item and snacks.

Operating Period / Resort open ~ 2024/5/6

Opening Hours /

Resort open ~ 2023/12/228:15 ~ 16:30
2023/12/23 ~ 2024/3/318:15 ~ 21:00
2024/4/1 ~ 2024/5/68:15 ~ 16:30

acceptable cashless payment

  • credit cards
  • WAON
  • Union Pay
  • PayPay
  • Transportation IC cards(Suica,PASMO,ICOCA,etc)

Hakuba Goryu's original items

We have a great selection of original logo and illustration items.
The "Kabuki" T-shirt is one of the recommended item for the season.

  • Souvenir Escal Shop"Kabuki" T-shirt
  • Souvenir Escal Shop"Hand" T-shirt
  • Souvenir Escal ShopHakuba Goryu Hoodie
  • Souvenir Escal ShopHakuba Goryu Cap
  • Souvenir Escal ShopSticker/Button Badge

Hakuba Goryu's Original Snacks

The Popular Foods Best 5

We have not only Nagano's typical local foods such as Soba(buckwheat noodles) or Pickled Nozawana(a Japanese leaf vegetable) but also western-style biscuits call "Raicho No sato" and apple cookies.

  • Souvenir Escal ShopShinshu Soba
  • Souvenir Escal ShopRaicho No Sato This western style biscuits named "Home of the Ptarmigans".
  • Souvenir Escal ShopPickled Nozawana
  • Souvenir Escal ShopApple Butter Sand Cookie
  • Souvenir Escal ShopShirakaba No Daichi

Convenience store section

Day to day needs item, snacks and alcohol are available.

  • Souvenir Escal ShopSnack 1
  • Souvenir Escal ShopSnack 2
  • Souvenir Escal ShopDrinks
  • Souvenir Escal ShopDaily necessities