Yogorino Hakuba Goryu

No.1 Popular Yogurt Gelato in Italy!

This season, Yogorino Hakuba Goryu is now closed as of 31st Mar.

Yogorino is known for healthy gelato. 350 stores in Italy, and has a store in 35 different countries.
Compared to regular icecream, half the calories, 1/5 of fat. Healthy but still tastes amazing!

Operating period 2019 Dec 21 ~ 2020 Mar 31

Hours / 9:30~17:30

This season, Yogorino Hakuba Goryu is now closed as of 31st Mar.

acceptable cashless payment

  • credit cards
  • WAON
  • Union Pay (銀聯)



  • BerryStrawberry syrup/Mix berry
  • BerryStrawberry chocolate/Strawberry confit/Rainbow chocolate spray
  • BerryBalsamic sauce/Mix berry
  • BerryChocolate torrone/Strawberry confit
  • BerryChocolate/Mix berry/Candy walnut
  • BerryDark cherry syrup/Strawberry confit
  • BerryPistachio chocolate/Mix berry
  • BerryCondensed milk/Strawberry confit


  • Banana/MangoChocolate torrone/Banana/Rainbow chocolate spray
  • Banana/MangoHazelnut sause/Banana/Candy walnut
  • Banana/MangoCatamel syrup/Banana
  • Banana/MangoCoconut white chocolate/Banana
  • Banana/MangoCondensed milk/MangoStrawberry confit
  • Banana/MangoCaramel syrup/Mango/Almond

Toropical fruits

  • Toropical fruitsHoney/Kiwifruit/Nata de coco
  • Toropical fruitsKiwifruit/Orange/Pineapple
  • Toropical fruitsStrawberry syrup/Pineapple/Nata de coco
  • Toropical fruitsLemon syrup/Orange/Grapefruit
  • Toropical fruitsDark cherry syrup/Orange/Grapefruit
  • Toropical fruitsTropical syrup/Pineapple/Nata de coco
  • Toropical fruitsTropical syrup/Pineapple/Coconut


  • Mint/NutsMint syrup/Chocolate/Brownie
  • Mint/NutsMint syrup/Marshmallow/Rainbow chocolate spray
  • Mint/NutsHazelnut sause/Hazelnut/Almond/Cacao chip
  • Mint/NutsPistachio chocolate/Almond
  • Mint/NutsChocolate/Cacao chip/Hazelnut

Rainbow chocolate spray/Brownie

  • Rainbow chocolate spray/BrownieStrawberry chocolate/Strawberry confit/Marshmallow/Rainbow chocolate spray
  • Rainbow chocolate spray/BrownieCoconut white chocolate/Rainbow chocolate spray
  • Rainbow chocolate spray/BrownieMarshmallow/Rainbow spray
  • Rainbow chocolate spray/BrownieCoconut white chocolate/Strawberry confit/Brownie/Candy walnut
  • Rainbow chocolate spray/BrowniePistachio chocolate/Brownie/Candy walnut
  • Rainbow chocolate spray/BrownieVanilla syrup/Brownie/Almond/Salt


Tapioca drink