Melbourne-style coffee right by Sky 4 Lift. Open till late!

Lift up cafe

Produced by World Latte Art Champion Nobu, there’s no better cafe latte in town other than at LIFT UP COFFEE! Get your pick-me-up mid session to power up your shred, or simply relax with the perfect cuppa here right at the base of the Toomi slope.

Great news: This year we’re open through till the end of night skiing!

Operating Period / 2023/12/23 ~ 2024/3/24

Opening Hours / 9:00 ~ 16:00

acceptable cashless payment

  • Credit cards
  • PayPay
  • ID
  • Quick Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Transportation IC cards(Suica,PASMO,ICOCA,etc)
  • etc
  • Lift up cafe
  • Lift up cafe
  • Lift up cafe
  • Lift up cafe
  • Lift up cafe