Season Pass

Season Pass

2023 24 Hakuba Goryu & Hakuba47 Common Season Pass Ride all three snow resorts with just one pass!

"Goryu Nighter" season pass on sale Hakuba's only night skiing!

The easiest and quickest way is to apply online!

2023・24Hakuba Goryu & Hakuba47 Common Season Pass

Hakuba Goryu & Hakuba 47 common season pass is available for the whole 23-24 season. It cannot be used for night skiing in Toomi Slope.

Adult season pass - early bird¥58,0001Sold unitil 31st October *Not valid for night skiing.
Adult season pass - regular prid¥75,000Sold from 1st November *Not valid for night skiing.
Senior season pass¥65,000Ages 60 ~ 79 *Not valid for night skiing.
Child season pass¥37,000Ages 6 ~ 12 *Not valid for night skiing.
Spring season pass¥45,000Available for use from 1st March until the end of seaso *Not valid for night skiing.
Kids pass無料Ages 5 and under *Not valid for night skiing.
Grand senior pass無料Ages 80+ *Not valid for night skiing.
2023-24 Season Pass Holder Benefits

1. SNOWBIRDS CLUB benefits

If you bring the season pass of Able Hakuba Goryu & Hakuba47 to SNOW BIRDS CLUB affiliated ski resorts, you can purchase the adult lift 1-day ticket at half price. In addition, you can get 5 special discount tickets that can be used at SNOW BIRDS CLUB affiliated ski resorts. Click here for Snow Birds Club website.

  • * Not only the holder but also the family members of the holder may be eligible for the discount.
  • * Cannot be combined with other discounts.
  • * Please check the website of each ski resort for details on the benefits.

2. "Restaurant 10% OFF" by showing the season pass (designated restaurants only)

3. You can get 3 additional "50% off discount coupon for 1-day tickets" that can be used within Hakuba Goryu & HAKUBA47

4. Additional Night ski ticket discount!

Discounts on night ski on the Toomi slope. Adults 500 yen OFF, elementary school students 300 yen OFF (for season pass holder only).

Hakuba's only night ski "Goryu Nighter" season pass

Goryu Nighter

Enjoy unlimited night skiing at "Goryu Nighter" from late December to late March!

Business Period / Late December 2023 - late March 2024

Business hours / 18:00 ~ 21:30

Operating chairlift / Toomi Sky 4 Chairlift

Adult nighter pass - early bird¥25,000Sold until 30 November
18 years old and over
Adult season pass - regular prid¥40,000Sold from 1st December
18 years old and over
Child season pass¥10,000Age 17 and under

*500 yen deposit not required

*Child age bracket up to 17 years old

2023-24 Goryu Nighter Season Pass benefits

1. For purchasers aged 20 and above, we are offering three bottles of the Goryu Original Beer "GORYU PALE ALE" as a gift.

  • * For minors who have purchased early-bird or regular night season tickets, a separate novelty item will be provided.
  • * Please note that child night season ticket purchasers are not eligible for this offer, so please be aware in advance.

2. Special discounted price at Ryujin hot spring at Escal Plaza: 350 yen for adults (regular price 700 yen). This applies only to the purchaser of the 23-24 Goryu Nighter Season Pass. Children under 12 will be charged 200 yen (regular price 400 yen).

  • * Ages 13 and over will be charged adult price at the hot spring
Picking up your Goryu Nighter Season Pass
  1. Online Application: After applying online, present the issued QR code at the Escal Plaza 2F automated ticket machine to obtain your ticket.
  2. In-person Application at the Counter: If applying in person at the counter using cash on delivery, please bring the exchange voucher and a form of identification to the Escal Plaza 2F Season Ticket Counter.
How to apply for season passes
  1. Apply online : Goryu-47 Season Pass Goryu Nighter Season Pass
  2. In person at Hakuba Goryu Ski Resort (Escal Plaza)
1. Applying online

Photographs for proof of identification can be submitted in digital format. Fill out the necessary information on the application form and simultaneously send the photo data. Please prepare the photo data before entering information into the form. The proof of identification photo should be taken without glasses, sunglasses, hats, etc.

Photograph specifications:

  • Recommended minimum length of 300px on the longer side
  • Recommended resolution of 100dpi or higher
  • File size should be 5MB or less

Payment can be made via web credit card payment.

2. Applying in person
  1. Please come to Hakuba Goryu Escal Plaza 2/F
  2. Please bring a photo with you. We can also take a photo for you here at the ticket counter.
    The photo should be taken within within 6 months, and the photo should be taken without glasses, sunglasses, hats, etc.
  3. Please bring cash or a valid credit card.
Important: Please read if you buy a season pass
  1. Once payment is made, there will be no refunds or reimbursements for Season Tickets.
  2. Refunds will not be issued for Night Operation at Hakuba Goryu if the opening is delayed due to snowfall conditions or if the operating period ends early due to snow conditions. Please be aware of this.
  3. If this season ticket is used for purposes other than those specified, it will be immediately invalidated and confiscated. This ticket is valid only for the purchaser whose photo is attached and cannot be used by anyone else for any reason.
  4. Hakuba47 and Hakuba Goryu Ski Resort have designated rules, such as restricted skiing areas and courses. Please adhere to these rules while skiing. Failure to comply will result in the application of the first clause, leading to confiscation.
  5. Intentional damage or modification of the IC chip-embedded case will render the ticket invalid. When using the ticket, make sure the photo side is visible to the staff. (For identity verification, staff may request presentation.)
  6. Refunds for this ticket will not be issued, except in cases where the ski resort's operation is less than 10 days. The validity period of this ticket extends from the start of ski resort operations to the end of the respective snow season. However, the Spring Season Ticket is valid from March 1, 2024, until the end of the snow season.
  7. Tickets without the issuing company's stamp are considered invalid. This ticket cannot be used if additional charges are required.
  8. In the event of loss, please contact the ski resort where the ticket was purchased immediately.
  9. While the validity period of this ticket extends from the start of ski resort operations to the end of the respective season, certain circumstances such as snow conditions or operational status may lead to partial or complete closure of slopes and lifts. Additionally, lifts may be temporarily suspended for various reasons even before the season ends, so please inquire about lift operations in advance via phone, internet, or other means before visiting.

2023-2024 HAKUBA VALLEY Season Pass

Get access to 10 snow resorts across Hakuba, Otari, and Omachi with just 1 pass!

Valid at Hakuba Sanosaka, ABLE Hakuba Goryu, Hakuba47, Hakuba Happo-one, Hakuba Iwatake, Tsugaike Mountain Resort, Hakuba Norikura, Hakuba Cortina, Kashimayari, and Jiigatake.

*Not valid for night skiing at Hakuba Goryu